Frequently Asked Questions - CYCLADES (FAQ)
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  • Question:

    What documents must I produce in order to submit my ownership declaration for my real property on Naxos Island?


    In reply to your question, we would like to inform you that, upon submission of an ownership declaration at the Cadastral Survey Office, the following supporting documents are required for every beneficiary:

    1. Declaration of Law 2308/1995 duly filled in and signed (Form D1).
    2. Plain photocopy of the beneficiary’s Identity Card or Passport.
    3. Plain photocopy of a document proving the beneficiary’s Greek Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), including, among others, income tax notice of assessment issued by the competent Tax Authority in Greece, tax registration certificate, electricity/telephone bills in Greece etc.
    4. Title deeds and other documents evidencing real property rights, e.g. notarial deeds, court judgments, administrative acts etc., along with the certificates of registration in the competent Land Registry Office.
    5. With regard to the identification of the real property, the beneficiary must indicate the exact location of their property by providing the competent cadastral survey office with a land survey plan, or a print from the Orthophotos viewing service available at http://www.ktimatologio.gr, or from the “Γρήγορος Εντοπισμός του Ακινήτου σας” (Rapid Identification Service) available at https://www.kthma.gr, or via GPS coordinates.



  • Question:

    How much is the cost of registration and how is it calculated?


    Upon submission of an ownership declaration, every beneficiary must pay the Fixed Cadastral Survey Fee for all real property rights declared, which is equal to:

    -€35 for every real property right on a main space (e.g. plot, parcel with or without buildings, horizontal/vertical property etc.).

    -€20 for every real property right on an auxiliary space, i.e., parking space or storeroom which constitutes an independent (horizontal/vertical) property with a certain joint ownership rate on the plot or parcel.

    For rural areas, natural persons declaring more than two (2) rights of ownership or servitude in the same local community, shall pay the fixed cadastral survey fee only for two of their rights, regardless of the total number of rights.



  • Question:

    How can I submit an ownership declaration for my real property situated on Andros Island?


    In reply to your question, we would like to inform you that anyone having a right on real property situated on one of the Cyclades Islands must submit a declaration according to Law 2308/1995, either in one of the competent Cadastral Survey Offices or online.

    The modes of submitting a declaration are:

    -The beneficiary may go to one of the competent cadastral survey offices in person and submit the Declaration Form of Law 2308/95 (Form D1), along with all documentation required.

    -A third person may submit the Declaration Form of Law 2308/95 (Form D1), signed by the beneficiary to the competent cadastral survey office, provided that they provide, apart from any other supporting documents required, a plain authorization document, also signed by the beneficiary, without certification of the authenticity of the signature.

    -In case a third person fills in, signs and submits the declaration of Law 2308/1995, then a special power of attorney, drawn up either by a Notary Public or by a Greek Consulate, is required.

    -In addition, we would like to inform you that you may choose to submit your declaration online, provided that you have your personal TAXISnet codes. In particular, by using your TAXISnet codes, you can enter the ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΕΣ ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΕΣ / Για Πολίτες (Electronic Services / For Citizens) at http://www.ktimatologio.gr and choose the option (heading) Ηλεκτρονική Δήλωση Κτηματολογίου (N.2308/1995) / (E-Declaration (Law 2308/1995)), after carefully reading the User Guide (instructions only available in Greek). In this case, the exact location of the real property must be indicated, all supporting documents must be scanned and uploaded as well, and payment of the fixed cadastral survey fee will be made by credit or debit card.



  • Question:

    Where can I submit an ownership declaration for real property located in Ano Mera, Mykonos?


    In reply to your request, we would like to inform you that the competent Cadastral Survey Offices for submission of ownership declarations according to Law 2308/95 are:

    -Athens: 48 Amvrosiou Frantzi & Aminokleous Streets (Neos Kosmos)

    -Amorgos: former District Court – Land Registry Office of Amorgos

    -Andros: 1 Melinas Merkouri Street (next to Gavrio Primary School), Gavrio

    -Antiparos: Across Panagia Church

    -Folegandros: Public Library of the Municipality of Folegandros, Town Center, Chora (Dounavi Square)

    -Ios: Municipal Building (next to the Town Hall – KTEL Bus Operators’ Office)

    -Kea: Agios Georgios Korissias (next to Kea Land Registry Office)

    -Kythnos: Kythnos Town Hall, Chora Kythnos

    -Milos: Milos Municipal Port Fund, Adamas

    -Mykonos: Ano Mera Cultural Center (next to the War Heroes Memorial), Ano Mera

    -Naxos: Kontoleontos Street, Naxos-Eggares Provincial Road and Ring Road

    -Paros: Vounali Area, Naoussa Shopping Center, Naoussa

    -Santorini: Fira – Pyrgos Provincial Road, “Kamarinos” Shopping Center

    -Serifos: Livadi (Across the Post Office)

    -Small Cyclades (Iraklia, Donoussa, Koufonissia, and Schoinoussa): after making an appointment by calling our call center at the telephone numbers indicated below

    -Tinos: 1 Tripotamou Avenue, Tinos (next to the Land Registry Office)

    -Thessaloniki: 48B Sarafi Street, Finikas – Kalamaria

    It is to be noted that all the aforementioned Cadastral Survey Offices serve all Cyclades Islands under cadastral survey.

    Operating Hours of the Cadastral Survey Offices: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. and Wednesday from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

    If you need additional information or you wish to make an appointment, please call our call center at ++30 2316005400, if calling from a fixed-line or mobile phone (call charges depend on the pricing policy of the telecommunications service provider) or ++30 8014000100, if calling from a fixed line (call charges depend on the pricing policy of the telecommunications service provider for special non-geographic telephone numbers), Monday to Friday, from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.



  • Question:

    What must I do after submitting an ownership declaration? What are the following stages? When shall I be informed of the KAEK number of my real property?


    In reply to your questions, we would like to inform you that, at a later stage, after processing of all declarations to be submitted (including descriptive and spatial data) there will be an electronic Pre-Suspension (Preliminary Suspension) of cadastral information (interim Cadastral Tables and Charts) for the Regional Units of Cyclades Islands. During that stage, through the electronic services on the website of Hellenic Cadastre (www.ktimatologio.gr), by entering your personal TAXISnet codes (username and password), you will be able to check and confirm all data of the Pre-Suspension stage relating to your real property, as this data will have resulted from processing of your declaration of Law 2308/95, and find the KAEK number (National Cadastre Code Number) of your real property.

    In particular, by entering your personal TAXISnet codes, you will first check if the contact details indicated in your ownership declaration are still valid. Through your participation in the process called “ΕΠΙΚΑΙΡΟΠΟΙΗΣΗ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΩΝ ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑΣ” (UPDATING OF CONTACT DETAILS), you can ensure that the Cadastral Survey Office can promptly contact you for any issues relating to your real property. Thus, by choosing the electronic service called “ΕΠΙΚΑΙΡΟΠΟΙΗΣΗ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΩΝ ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑΣ” (UPDATING OF CONTACT DETAILS) on the website of the Hellenic Cadastre (www.ktimatologio.gr), you can fill in or change your mail address, telephone numbers, or email address. Please note that that it is not possible to make any changes in your name, surname, father’s name, etc.

    Then, it is important to carefully check all data of your real property and right. For every real estate, you will find two files:

    Α) The first one is the Cadastral Table Excerpt. This includes your personal data, the data of your title deeds, your right (e.g., full/bare ownership, usufruct, etc.) and ownership/co-ownership rate. It also includes information about any joint owners, mortgages, or other collateral securities, or claims.

    Β) The second one is the Cadastral Chart Excerpt. This is an extract from a map, showing the location, shape and boundaries of your real property. In addition, it shows the area of the real property and the “acceptable area deviation”.

    At that time, if you think that all data is correct, you will not have to do anything. We suggest that you download and save these files on your PC.

    However, if you think that there are any errors or deficiencies, then you will have to submit, free of charge, a Request for Data Review in one of the following ways:

    a) either electronically, by sending an email and attaching the Request for Data Review, at the email address of the Cadastral Survey Office,

    b) or by going to one of the competent Cadastral Survey Offices in person, after making an appointment.

    Upon completion of the Pre-Suspension Stage, examination of all requests for data review to be submitted, submission of any new ownership declarations, and reformation of the cadastral tables and charts, there will be a Suspension of Cadastral Information and you will be informed again, electronically, about the commencement of the Suspension Stage, which is the final stage during which you can recheck and verify this data.



  • Question:

    I have submitted an electronic declaration for my house in Messaria, Thira (Santorini) and I have not received the final proof of submission of my ownership declaration. I would like to know if any other documentation is required.


    In reply to your request, we would like to inform you that your electronic declaration under reference number ……………. has been finally submitted. Therefore, after final submission thereof, you can print the temporary proof of submission of your declaration, by pressing << Εκτύπωση επιτυχούς υποβολής δήλωσης>> (Printing of successful submission of declaration), which will be in the form of <ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΑ ΔΗΛΩΣΗΣ Ν.2308/95 - ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΗ ΥΠΟΒΟΛΗ> (DATA OF OWNERSHIP DECLARATION ACCORDING TO LAW 2308/95 – ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION).

    Subsequently, once we receive the digital file with your declaration and any supporting documents attached, the following stage will consist in the processing of all legal and spatial data of your declaration and, if there are no pending documents, you will receive the final proof of submission of ownership declaration at the email address you have in indicated in your declaration. If, however, there are any pending documents, you will receive an email indicating which additional documents are required.





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